India – In Mumbai, couple accused of having sex on road divider at Marine Drive

द्वारा : सुदुर न्युज

Mumbai, 10th June 2018,

A couple in Mumbai has been accused of having sex on a road divider along the busy Marine Drive in south Mumbai. According to news agency IANS, the alleged incident occurred near Nariman Point, a prominent tourist location.

A video of the act is doing the rounds of the social media. The couple is seen undeterred by the presence of people all around. It is learnt that on seeing the couple, passerby started clicking photos and filming the incident.

Local reports said the couple fled after seeing a mobile police van that was rushed to the spot after onlookers informed the Police Control Room.

NDTV in its report said that though the cops were able to get hold of the woman, the man, who appears to be a foreign national, managed to flee. A search for him is on.

Upon being questioned about the incident, the woman is learnt to have told the police that she is from Goa, but later changed her statement. She has denied the allegation of having sex on the road divider and said they were just kissing.

Police have not slapped any charges on the couple so far.

Meanwhile, IANS said that the woman has been sent to Mahila Suraksha Kendra in Chembur after the cops found that she is mentally disturbed.

The cops are also scanning footages from CCTV cameras installed in the area. Help from the Foreigners Regional Registration Office has also been sought to determine his identity.


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